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Original Billo
Original Billo
billo beach pillow with secret pocket

Original Billo

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Crumpling up your clothes into a ball, pushing sand together into a mound or putting a bag under your head in an attempt to make a pillow for your head?

We used to too, until we created the billo!

The billo features:

  • Water-resistant: the billo is made from waterproof neoprene (wetsuit material) and has a waterproof zip however water will seep through the seams if fully submerged. 
  • Secret pocket: inside the billo there is a secret pocket to carry valuables and keep them safe on the beach.
  • Clip: there is a clip on the corner of the billo enabling it be attached to a beach bag so that you don't have to carry it.
  • The billo is standard size (40cm*40cm). This means that the inner is easily replaceable if you are travelling and can only take the cover. If fully submerged and wet, the inner can easily be taken out to dry. The billo can be cold washed.

Now that you've seen all the great things billo can do, it's time you get one for yourself!